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DUI Education

At Project Chesapeake, we know that receiving a DUI can have negative effects on your life and the lives of your family. Even an isolated incident can have an impact on your quality of life that trickles down from your transportation methods, to your job and your children’s school schedule. If you’ve received a DUI and are in process of returning your driving record to its proper standing, Project Chesapeake is proud to offer a proven curriculum to maximize the opportunity for future success.

If you’ve been to court and have been ordered by the judge to attend DUI Education classes, Project Chesapeake offers the program you need to fulfill this requirement. Our expert team of licensed clinicians provide services required by the State of Maryland and by the MVA.

Proudly providing counsel and guidance to community members throughout the State of Maryland, Project Chesapeake has many convenient locations, each with leading experts ready to address your unique needs with compassion and expertise. Contact us at any of our listed locations and tell us how we can help you succeed!