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Outpatient Anger Management

Since its inception in 2014, Project Chesapeake has sought to strengthen communities through innovative, recovery-focused strategies and connect individuals seeking alcohol or drug abuse and addiction counseling services with the best treatment opportunities — in an effort to promote long-term recovery and sustained success.

As a private addiction, substance abuse, and mental health counseling organization providing a variety of addiction services to Anne Arundel, Calvert, Cecil, Charles, and St. Mary’s Counties, Project Chesapeake is proud to provide the compassion, motivation, and guidance to community members who want to improve their lives and face all of the responsibilities of life with the very best focus, health, and peace of mind.

In addition to providing Mental Health Services, Project Chesapeake offers classes for Anger Management. The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Anger and impulse control
  • Overall level of aggression towards others
  • Stress management skills
  • Capacity to acknowledge the effects of anger on others
  • Ability to communicate feelings and needs clearly
  • Anger expression
  • Capacity for change for motivation to improve
Proudly providing counsel and guidance to community members throughout the State of Maryland, Project Chesapeake has many convenient locations, each with leading experts ready to address your unique needs with compassion and expertise. Contact us at any of our listed locations and tell us how we can help you succeed!