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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program is a program containing an array of services designed to help adults and minors capitalize on personal strengths, to develop coping strategies and skills to deal with deficits, and to develop a supportive environment in which to function as independently as possible. Psychosocial rehabilitation services are provided in a variety of settings.

Although the recommended services within this program may be individualized towards the unique needs of each patient, Project Chesapeake is proud to offer a wide spectrum of crucial mental health offerings.

Psychosocial Skills Training Includes:

  • Basic Living Skills: Skill building in grooming and hygiene, meal prep, safety, planning, and completing chores.
  • Medication Self-Management: Instruction on how to use antipsychotic medicine.
  • Well Being and Symptom Self-Management: Assistance with maintaining consistency of care and how to monitor and cope with symptoms.
  • Recreations for Leisure: Instruction on how to implement recreational activities for leisure time.
  • Basic Conversation Skills: Instruction on how to engage in brief and friendly conversations.
  • Community Resources and Re-entry: Skill building on how to collaborate and follow through with transitional care such as community housing and legal system.
  • Education and Workplace Fundamentals: Group and individual instruction on how to obtain educational resources and maintain successful employment.
  • Substance Abuse Management: Skill building on how to prevent drug or alcohol relapse and live a satisfying, sober lifestyle.
  • Social Skills: Assistance with building relationships, establishing and maintaining family boundaries, communications & community integration.
  • Friendship and Intimacy: Instruction on how to develop a network of close and intimate relationships.
Proudly providing counsel and guidance to community members throughout the State of Maryland, Project Chesapeake has many convenient locations, each with leading experts ready to address your unique needs with compassion and expertise. Contact us at any of our listed locations and tell us how we can help you succeed!